The Portage Golf Club is teeing into golf season as it swings into high gear.

General Manager Robby Moar expresses optimism about the coming months. Reflecting on the season, Moar acknowledged that it had been "hit and miss" due to fluctuating weather conditions. However, he noted a recent turn for the better, with the sun shining brightly over the past week and the course drying up nicely.

"The weather has been nice outside lately, and we're hoping to continue that to get some people out here to golf."

Moar was quick to point out the anticipation among the golfers, eager to return to the course and resume their beloved sport. 

"Especially having ladies and men's nights, seeing people you haven't seen over the winter. It's good to have everybody back around here."

Regarding groundskeeping, Moar commended Farrell Asham and his team for their diligent work, emphasizing the excellent condition of the course. 

"Farrell does a great job out there on the grounds, and with all the rain lately, it's so green and nice."