Ryan Kontzie was out on his field Monday giving his land a little help in releasing the frost for some seeding at Northern Paradise Ranch near Portage. He notes they're starting late this year. 

"Field conditions have just been slow to dry up. It certainly seems like there's a lot of frost in the ground," says Kontzie. "We haven't really gotten a big, warm rain to bring it all out and even out the soil. One day, the field's dry, and the next day, it's soaking wet from the frost coming up from below."

He describes it as a real uphill battle, to say the least.

"It's the middle of May and I would say we'd be very lucky in the RM of Portage if 30 per cent of the crop goes in," continues Kontzie. "I think that would be rather high. So, everyone's certainly struggling to get going here." 

Ryan KontzieRyan Kontzie

Kontzie seeds wheat, soybeans, and barley this year, as well as canola. 

"I'm not sure about corn, but all the commodities are fairly decent this year," adds Kontzie. "So, we just need to get it in the ground and get it in the bin.  It makes everything go round and round for the RM of Portage. It's certainly what drives the economics out here -- the base. The farmers keep everything going. When the farmers get a good crop, they come to town and spend the money; new buildings, new houses, and new sheds -- it all trickles down. They get new machinery and new trucks. It keeps everything thriving every year."

He adds he hopes we get some sunny days in the next couple of weeks so everyone can get their crop in, adding that would take a little bit of the stress off everyone.