With pastures taking a lot of heat this year, some cows may need supplemental feed to prepare for winter.

Beef and Forage Specialist Barry Yaremcio says checking what kind of condition your cows are in is crucial this time of year.

"If the cows are getting a little bit on the thin side, if you can supplemental feed and keep them in good shape, a cow that is in proper condition going into winter will require 1,400 lbs less feed to stay warm this winter compared to one that is 200 lbs thinner than what she should be."

Yaremcio says if you find the cows are getting a little too thin, early weaning is an option.

"Early weaning will reduce nutrient requirements by the cow by 20-25 percent compared to a cow that is still lactating. That'll help keep her in good shape. Calves that are over 150 days in age can be weaned without any problems, and they will do just as well on a feeding program rather than being left on the cow."

Preg checking will also be important this year, as he says there's no point keeping open cows around when feed is 7-9 cents per pound.