Sometimes a little bit of help can be the difference between living at home and moving into an assisted or personal care setting. Some aid around the kitchen, for example. Or support with yardwork, hygiene and exercise.

For the in-home care providers at Prairie Independence Care Co, ensuring clients are able to remain in their homes longer is not only the mission, but also a source of joy.

“We are a group of very caring healthcare providers, and we do our best to provide care from the heart,” says Kaitlin Peirson-Webber, owner-operator of Prairie Independence. “When we work with individuals for longer than 15 minutes in a day, we build a relationship with them, and they almost become part of our family. That’s the most important thing to us.”

A private rural homecare company that services the region in and around St. Claude, Carman, Portage La Prairie and Elm Creek, Prairie Independence works with any adult or couple in need of help to live longer, and more fully, in their own home. Oftentimes, clients will qualify for funding through the province’s Self & Family Managed Care Program. (Local RHAs have further information regarding the program.)

In addition to serving rural areas, what sets Prairie Independence apart is its customization strategies. They don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to homecare. They want their service to be as client-driven as possible.

“Our care is customized to each individual client,” explains Peirson-Webber. “I always start with, ‘How can we help you?’ What sort of assistance are you hoping for?’ and ‘What sort of hours are you needing?’ Maybe they just need a little bit of help one day per week.”

Or, if a more comprehensive plan is required, they’re also able to provide broader help over a longer timeframe than traditional home care.

“If someone feels they may need a little more help at home with everyday tasks,” says Peirson-Webber, “the perfect place to start would be a phone call or email.”

Prairie Independence Care Co’s services are available to any adult at least 18-years-old who requires help with day-to-day activities. These could be as straightforward as running errands, providing medication reminders, helping with meals and doing light housekeeping.

Of course, they also offer more comprehensive assistance, such as with exercise, bathing, colostomy and catheter care, laundry, personal companionship, end of life care and much more. As Peirson-Webber underlines, it’s really what the client wants and needs that will determine the scope of service.

“We’ll do just about anything the client might need within a health care aide’s scope of practice (I.e. no wound dressings, injections or other nursing duties),” she says. “We have a lot more freedom to help with whatever you may need compared to the limited help provincial homecare can provide.”

Given the success of her business, and increasing demands for its services, Peirson-Webber is also looking to do some hiring in the near term. Ideally, she’d like to find people with experience in the healthcare sector, although she’s willing to train. Interested candidates can contact her directly.

Prairie Independence Care Co makes their main office in St. Claude, Manitoba, and works within the larger region encompassing Carman, Portage La Prairie and Elm Creek. They can be reached by calling (204) 750-1693 or emailing Additional information, as well as a form to request services, is available on their website.