When thinking about a career, we all want somewhere with growth potential, somewhere with stability, and somewhere with purpose. A career with Richardson Milling can give you just that. 

Located on the western edge of Portage la Prairie, the oat milling facility has been a source of steady employment for locals for over 33 years. But the impact of Richardson Milling reaches far beyond the city’s borders; in fact, people all over the globe are impacted by the work that this plant does. With its oat ingredients being distributed all over the world, Richardson Milling is benefiting both the local economy and the global food industry.  

“A lot of people don’t know what we do here, but it (Richardson Milling) is a vital part of our community and the world food industry,” says Ian Currie, Plant Manager.  

With new positions available, Currie looks forward to welcoming new talent to the plant and showing them the unique qualities of a career with Richardson. 

Opportunities for Growth 

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As one of the world’s largest oat millers, Richardson Milling is part of the growing agriculture and food production industry. It’s a steady environment that comes with security and opportunities to grow, says Currie. “There are so many stories here of career advancement and people changing paths. You quickly learn that Richardson really believes in investing in their people.”  

The People 


Speaking of people, Currie notes a special part of Richardson Milling is the mosaic of individuals you meet. From longtime Portage residents to people brand-new to the community, it’s a welcoming space for all experiences and backgrounds. “Even if you've never worked in food production, the team is here to teach the skills to launch a career, and help you build it from there,” he says. 

Help Feed the World 


“We supply oat-based products to major food companies and restaurant chains across the world. Not many people know that about us,” says Currie. As an oat milling plant operated by Richardson International (Canada’s largest agribusiness and a global food ingredients company), Richardson Milling produces many of the products seen in local grocery stores, including Kellogg’s Froot Loops, Apple Jacks and Nutri-Grain bars. Other brands that use Portage la Prairie’s oats are Little Debbie, Walmart, and even Taco Bell. 

Give Back to the Community 

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A Canadian-based company with roots across Western Canada, Richardson’s locations are a hub for community involvement and giving back, says Currie. “Over $1 million annually goes toward community initiatives where our employees live. It’s meaningful to know that we’re a part of supporting our neighbours,” he says. 

In 2023, Richardson Milling pledged $75,000 to Portage’s Koko Platz Recreation Club upgrades. 

Apply at Richardson Milling in Portage La Prairie today.

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Whether you’re just starting your career or you’re looking to make a change, new positions at Richardson Milling are available for your next chapter.  

Explore Richardson Milling’s growing opportunities and apply today! Apply within or visit https://www.richardson.careers/ for more information.