Prairie Fusion Arts and Entertainment recently brought back their Night Market with a bang, hosting a successful event that drew in locals. Lorna Knight, the executive director, relayed how the event went.  

“We were really glad to bring this back because we feel that it's important to support our local artists,” Knight shares. “We were honoured to be able to have a number of our local artists here and we had a fantastic turn out.” 

Knight emphasized the significance of supporting local artists and businesses, stressing how the money stays within the community. The night market wasn't just about transactions; it was a chance for the community to connect with talented local creators, adding a personal touch to their purchases.

Encouraged by the overwhelming response, Prairie Fusion is gearing up for another Night Market on December 7th, promising a festive vibe with live music and hot drinks.  

“It'll be a little closer to Christmas,” Knight notes. “Hopefully holiday shopping will be something that everyone will be invested in at that point. So, we'd love to see everybody come down for that.” 

Prairie Fusion is doubling down on the momentum by hosting another night market just a few weeks away. The success of the recent event has sparked excitement, making the upcoming December 7th market an anticipated highlight for Portagers gearing up for the holiday season.