Barb Henry has had many friends and family members who've passed away in their experiences with cancer. She says she helped one particular friend with rides to Winnipeg and back to receive medical assistance, and knows how vital it is for those battling the disease to receive that kind of help.

"I often hear of people who have cancer and they're in the rural communities," says Henry. "It's much harder if you don't have a driver. At that time, we weren't involved with Central Plains Cancer Services in Portage. I drove her because, two days or three days after she found out that she had it, we started the treatment. So, we didn't really get her signed up quickly enough. I drove her as best as I could, and then a friend of ours that was involved with cancer care drove her for her last treatment."

Henry says several of her relatives passed away a couple of years ago. 

"My dad passed away with cancer, so I find it important. People with cancer need that support," notes Henry. "If it's either donation through money or making them a small meal or something, it touches my heartstrings because it's been hard. I also have many friends who've had success stories with cancer."

She adds she has a cousin who was diagnosed with brain cancer just over ten years ago, who was given five months to live.

"It's been over 10 years, but the cancer now has come back -- the piece that went in remission," says Henry. "But he's fighting it again and we just keep telling him, 'You got this.' And you gotta be in their corners."

Henry came to our studios Thursday to help CPCS help others.

You can help out, as well, by way of a donation at THIS LINK, or calling 204-872-0455. Another option is to stop by our studios OR request a visit for us to come to you with the Portage Toyota and RV driving change car.