For the past ten years, plans have been in the works for the creation of a skateboard park in Portage la Prairie. That dream is now closer to reality than ever. 

Past chair of the Portage Parks Committee Steve Hildebrand explains why so much effort has been put toward the project.

"The space that we have now is not a good space for families to come and enjoy," says Hildebrand. "Skaters can use it, but it's hard for families to enjoy or to even be there to watch with no seating space. It's just in a parking lot. The other issue with the current space is that it's not really designed for a beginner. It would be more like an intermediate-level park and we want something that a beginner can come in and learn some basic skills."

He updates how far they've come along to bring this into reality. 

"We are just now, with donations and pledges, over halfway to the $500,000 mark," notes Hildebrand. 

Hildebrand says different obstacles built at the park include a quarter-pipe, banks, hips, rails, stair sets, manual pads, and a bowl. Ledges and second base is for kids to roll down down the banks and in up the other side -- that sort of thing. He adds he's most excited just to have a space where the skateboarders can come and be connected to each other.

"Regardless of their skill level, there's going to be an obstacle there that they're going to be able to use, and it won't be just intermediate, but it'll be a real connection point in the community for skaters, scooters, BMXers, and anybody else that can find a way to use this space," notes Hildebrand. "It's something, I feel, has been kind of missing in the community -- a great space just where they can all enjoy at whatever level they're at."

He says they're still fundraising and if you'd like to donate toward this great project, they'd happily accept a donation. You can make donations at City Hall and receive a tax receipt.