The Portage la Prairie School Division held a board meeting this past Tuesday night, covering an assortment of topics, including: 

  • Report Cards coming out this Friday 
  • Enrollment being up +128 students from last November 
  • An Elders and Knowledge Keepers Symposium/Learning Forum which took place in Winnipeg last week 
  • Post-COVID education struggles 
  • November 22nds online threat to Portage Collegiate Institute 

Superintendent Todd Cuddington spoke about attending the Symposium in Winnipeg.

"One of the things that was a big takeaway for me personally during the day, with all of the different speakers, was how fortunate we are to have the leadership that's now available in our province," continues Cuddington. "We're going to bring a lot of these traditional teachings and knowledge into our schools."

The Superintendent also discussed the online threat to Portage Collegiate Institute (PCI) earlier this week.

"We had kind of the side effects of social media and these online threats that disrupted learning again in the high school. But again, the staff at PCI did everything possible to manage that crisis effectively, and we were able to get back in the afternoon to try and salvage the day." 

Cuddington notes that he wanted to thank all of the staff at PCI for their efforts during this incident.

The next board meeting is scheduled for December 13th.