After almost two years of service as Inspector for the Portage la Prairie RCMP detachment, this is Paul Peddle's last week in town. He's heading up north to the Thompson area. He explains he finished his posting in Newfoundland in mid-November of 2021 and made his journey to our province.

"It's been a very busy two years," says Peddle. "As we're all aware, it's an extremely, extremely busy area -- Central Plains. We're taking anywhere between 15,000 and 17,000 calls a year. But I got to say, looking back on my time here, the things that I want to remember are the positive things and the wonderful, wonderful partnerships that I've made in the community throughout my time; everything from here at the radio station and the great support that I've gotten from the community."

He notes he had the opportunity to work with several great organizations: the City Council, the mayor, the RM, and the First Nations communities. Peddle says they've all been so tremendous to him.

"Just to see some of the wonderful things that we've been able to do in a short time, it's been great. I also got to mention our local COPP -- Citizens on Patrol group -- as well. They've been a tremendous supporter of me and our detachment."

Peddle explains he's worked at nine detachments over the years, and adds Portage is up there at the very top, as far as memories for him.

"I'm certainly going to miss the community and I'm going to miss the many wonderful people I've had the great advantage to work with," adds Peddle. "There is a wonderful group of people at my detachment, so I want to take a minute to just say thanks to them for the support they've given me over the last two years. I couldn't ask for a greater group to work with and to see the hard work that they do every day is just something that makes me extremely proud." 

He says he's heading to the North District and will be working out of Thompson. 

"My role there will be the District Commander for Northern Manitoba, and I'll be looking after all the detachments in Northern Manitoba," says Peddle. "I'll be moving on from one busy unit to a busier unit, and I'm really looking forward to my time in the North, as well."

PeddleInspector Paul Peddle

Peddle will be promoted in this changeover, after having been Inspector while here. He will start his new position as Commander, looking after 29 detachments, and explains he's had a bit of experience for that role while here.

"Here, I looked after Portage, Amaranth, and Treherne detachments. I've had the opportunity to act as the West District Commander looking after all the detachments in Western Manitoba," notes Peddle. "And now, with my new role in Manitoba North District, I'll be the in the North. I'm sure there will be lots of challenges that I'll face, but I'm certainly looking forward to the great opportunity that I have there, and to work with the great employees up there, as well."

He says he's traveled up for work meetings over the last month and met employees there.

"It's bittersweet, and I'm certainly going to miss my time in Portage and the wonderful people that I got to work with here," continues Peddle. "My rank will be Superintendent. I'll go from Inspector to Superintendent. There are three superintendents in all of Manitoba for the operational side. One looks after all of Eastern Manitoba. One looks after all of Western Manitoba, and then there's one that looks after Northern Manitoba, and that will be my role."'


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