With warmer weather upon us, Portage la Prairie residents seem to have heavier feet.

Portage RCMP issued 76 speeding tickets in the area from May 1st through May 7th.

Constable Larry Neufeld says that the RCMP is urging motorists to slow down before they hurt themselves or someone else.

"The roads aren't as icy, and they figure that they're good to go at any speed. But as we're seeing more and more in the news lately with fatal collisions, some are due to speeding," adds Neufeld.

The RCMP constable illustrates that when somebody is speeding, they typically make maneuvers that can make other drivers panic, causing the safe drivers to act in ways they usually wouldn't.

"Best case scenario would be to stay in your lane that you're in. Don't do anything too evasive because the person travelling at high speed hopefully can see you, and will make the proper adjustments."

Neufeld notes that if you continue to speed, you will eventually get ticketed, like the 76 handed earlier this month.