Dr. Sheila Felsch of the Portage Clinic was the latest individual to receive the Physician of the Week title from Doctors Manitoba and says it has been an overwhelming feeling.

"It feels like it has been my birthday for the last two weeks," laughs Felsch. "I was very surprised to read the email that I had been selected for Physician of the Week. I had no idea that someone was nominating me. So, it felt really nice."

Felsch studied Med at the University of Manitoba and has been at the Portage Clinic since 2017. However, she returned to university for one year to get extra training in anesthesia. 

From a grain and bison farm in Ridgeville, the Physician of the Week recipient wears many hats in Portage, working in the ER at the Portage Hosptial, supervising the inpatient clinical teaching unit, being the Anesthesia Lead, and caring for patients at her family practice at Portage Clinic. Through it all, she has many people to thank.

"I have a very supportive family and husband. One of the main mentors that I have is Mike Omichinski. He's one of the other doctors here in Portage. I worked with him as a medical student; he was my primary preceptor while I was a resident. Since then, while I have been working, he's still always there. He's an amazing guy and a big help."

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Felsch loves the community of Portage la Praire and the care she can provide the people who live in the City of Possibilities. Rachel Templeton, a patient of Dr. Felsch, was the person to nominate Felsch for the award and told Doctors Manitoba that the Physician was:

"The epitome of caring. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and is an excellent communicator. She is funny, approachable, down to earth, and makes me feel seen and heard."

Felsch says that while she's wanted to be a doctor since high school, when she found a passion for biology and physiology, her childhood goal was to be a dress designer for figure skaters, and while that dream never came to life, it's safe to say Felsch is happy in her line of work.