With a new year comes plenty of people setting goals in the form of New Year's resolutions. You may be one of them. These resolutions can be various goals, from saving money to being more organized. However, most goals have something to do with fitness and lifestyle.

Shea Fust, a Personal Trainer in Portage la Prairie, has some advice on how to stay on track regarding your resolutions.

Fust says that many people need to be more specific with their goals.

"When you have specific goals, you want to sit down and be intentional because there is science behind pen to paper. Your brain sees that, and then it becomes a reality," continues Fust. "So, by sitting down and getting specific, you now kind of started the headway into creating a plan."

Fust explains that breaking down your goal into increments is for the best. Instead of achieving a 12-month goal, go ahead and make it month-by-month.

"You now have a strategy to get from point A to point B, basically," says the Personal Trainer.

Fust details that building habits and creating a plan is critical.

"If my resolution is to lose 25 pounds, I would maybe focus on the habits that would help me get there. So, that would be eating vegetables twice per day and drinking more water. So again, we're taking that goal and making it more concrete with the habits that will get us there."

After that, Fust says that finding a support system and coach will help you.

"I've noticed a big surge of success in those people because they feel motivated and supported. So, have those quality people around you. You can motivate each other. That's a huge help."

She notes that you don't want to rely on motivation to kick-start you.

"You want to cultivate discipline, so motivation is super-fleeting. It's an emotion, whereas discipline, is a practice of sorts. When you have discipline, you're doing it whether you have the emotion or the motivation there or not."

Fust adds that she loves goals and helping people push to hit them.

"Anything is possible. So, start with a goal that is realistic for you. And once you achieve that, it does change people's confidence, and then from there, you have the confidence to maybe attack the next thing."

According to a Forbes article from 2019, studies have shown that approximately 80 per cent of New Year's resolutions fail.