Monday, October 23, was the day Portage MLA Jeff Bereza was one of 22 MLAs sworn in for the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba to serve the province. He was one of ten MLAs who assumed the role for the first time. 

"It's a real process in protocol where we each either swear or affirm, and it was just a very ceremonial event," explains Bereza. "Each one of us individually went up with the clerk, signed some official documents, and then we become officially sworn in. I was so lucky to have my wife, my brother, and my sister-in-law there with me."

He notes it's certainly an honour to be MLA for our area, and describes the gravity of the position that he felt that day.

"When you think about the history behind our legislative building from 1871 to where we are right now, there has only been roughly 850 members that have been MLAs in that Chamber," continues Bereza. "When you think about that, and the millions of people that have passed through Manitoba, the honour that has been bestowed on me is something that I never really realized until that point; how big this was."

Bereza adds he can't wait to get into it, move forward, and work for Portage la Prairie. 

Jeff BerezaBereza declaring his commitment to serve Portage la Prairie residents

“When I made the decision, back in February, to run for the nomination to be the next MLA for the Portage la Prairie Constituency, I tried to imagine this moment,” says Bereza. “But it surpassed my expectations completely. It was an incredible feeling.”

Bereza adds there's a great balance of experience and new, fresh ideas. We will form a strong Official Opposition, and hold the NDP government to account.

While it is still unknown when the house will be called into session, Bereza speculates it will be sometime in mid-late November. It can’t come soon enough for the newly minted MLA. “I can’t wait to represent the people of my constituency."

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