As 50th Anniversary celebrations continue, Portage's own MCC Thrift Shop is part of a program to encourage travel, which falls right in line with what most post-pandemic Portagers are anxious to do, anyway!

General manager Kevin Hamm explains it includes a contest.

"We are excited to be part of a family of MCC Thrift Shops in Manitoba, and these shops range all the way from north to Riverton to the south to Altona and Winkler to Brandon in the west, and all the way to Steinbach in the east," says Hamm. "We're kind of smack-dab in the middle. Every once in a while, we get to go on tours, ourselves. We love visiting other MCC Thrift Shops and every one is unique. Every one has its own character. As part of the recognition of 50 years of MCC Thrift, which of course started in Altona, we are really happy to help promote the other MCC Thrift Shops and encourage our shoppers to visit as many as they can."

He explains they're encouraging you to make some of these visits by way of their Thrift Tour contest, noted in a previous story.

"For those who like to travel, it's a great great opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful Manitoba countrysides," adds Hamm. "It's also that busy time for us and that we, here at Portage MCC, are in the midst of doing our annual fundraising our Charity Fundraising Days. We've already had one for Habitat for Humanity and we've got a few more coming up. Very soon at the end of the month, we've got Big Brothers, Big Sisters, and at the beginning of July, we've got Family Resource Centre."

Hamm notes it's an exciting way for them to promote the work of local charities and also give back to them, as well. 

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