Four new restaurants opened up in Portage la Prairie in only two weeks. That's unprecedented for our city.

Mayor Sharilyn Knox chimes in and shares her thoughts on these economy-increasing efforts.

"We have Taste of Spice, Benvenuto Pizzeria, Prairie Donair, and BarBURRITO," says Knox. "I love seeing new businesses open. I love when people decide that this is the community that they want to invest in and open a business, and I just hope that citizens and the public and people coming to visit our communities support those local businesses."

She notes people often think it's City Hall that determines what businesses come into Portage, but that's far from the case. 

"People have to decide what business they want to bring into the community. We really do have some great organizations that can help with that," says Knox. "We have our PRED office, which is our Portage Regional Economic Development. They are there to offer support to any people who want to invest in the community, as well as Community Futures Heartland. So, I always just suggest to people who are looking, those are two great places to reach out to and they can help people along the way." 

Knox adds Portage is having some big events coming to town, and these restaurants will provide a greater variety of choices for eating out for those visiting the city.

"The hockey event is coming up in May, so they need lots of places to eat and I just love seeing our storefronts full," continues Knox. "So, it's nice when you're driving down Saskatchewan Ave. to see new businesses."