The Portage la Prairie Regional Library hopes an inclusive language will pick up steam.

Program coordinator Allissa Cannon says, with January 4th being World Braille Day, they wanted to make learning the language easier for Portagers. Those at the library then decided to make literacy kits so people could learn the basics of the language.

“Braille is a textile way of reading where people who have a hard time seeing can use their fingertips along the pages in their own wording or text,” explains Cannon. “You're looking at a series of six dots or lack of dots, and each one is specific to a certain letter or grammar.”

She adds that the kits are being handed out until January 7th. The kits will help you learn what your name and birthday would look like in braille, with a special puzzle at the bottom. The program coordinator says that anyone who solves the puzzle can return the kit to claim a prize.

“At the moment, we don't have any adult braille literacy materials,” mentions Cannon. “It’s just the children's braille. We also have books that are made for kids to feel the pictures in place of not being able to see the picture.”

Cannon hopes that they’ll be adding material in a variety of languages, including braille, in the future.