Gord Gapp and his daughters walked to the Rotary Skate Park earlier this week. When they arrived, the father says he was let down to discover the park freshly vandalized. 

Gapp and his daughters were greeted with cuss words and phallic imagery spray painted on the skate park's pavement.

He says that living in the neighbourhood, he and his girls usually head down to the park to enjoy an afternoon with fresh air. However, what Gapp and his daughters saw was not what a parent wants to show their kids.

"Like there's little kids and families that come to the park. It's just, it's disappointing in my mind."

file photoGraffiti at the skatepark partially blurred.

Gapp adds that he knows that graffiti at a skatepark isn't unheard of, but it's the racial slurs and offensive imagery that have let him down.

"It's things that little kids shouldn't have to see.  I've seen parents with their kids come over like they are probably just learning how to ride a bike on it, and you got racial slurs and these drawings all over it. In my mind, that's disappointing. And even the garbage that gets left behind by people isn't a good look." 

The father hopes that someone from the city or community can clean up the vandalized areas.

"Yeah, I won't be going there until they're done cleaning it up." 

Gapp notes that he hopes steps can be taken to avoid incidents like this in the future.