Part-time firefighter Andy Kliver is involved in the upcoming Storefront Business Wash. It's a fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy and a changeover from their previous efforts where they held carwashes utilizing the fire hose from a pumper truck. 

"With all the construction that has happened in the downtown area over the last few months and winter, and with the dust and dirt has accumulated on the business fronts, we offered to wash it down with the hoses from the fire truck; just rinse the building, squeegee the windows, and wash the dust off those sidewalks just for clean-up around the downtown area."

He notes they've never done anything like this before. 

"In the past, we've done different events for muscular dystrophy. We did car washes for quite a few years. It seemed to work okay, but we were looking for a different way and possibly a better way to raise more funds. Somebody in the community actually came up with this idea and forwarded it to us, and we took it and it seems to be generating a good amount of interest."

Kliver explains the donations come from businesses participating with a minimum amount of $50 requested, and most usually give well over that. 

"Each business has to come up with the funds that they think is suitable for them. All of the proceeds go to muscular dystrophy. So that's how we're doing that."

This event will be happening on the last weekend in April. It will be the 27th and the 28th. Those are the days we will be active and out doing the washing of the storefronts. The businesses have until the 19th of April to register, if they want to participate. We could have limited spots available because it's gone very well already."

You can register your place of business for the wash in person at the fire hall, or call the fire hall at (204) 239-8340. 

"Portage firefighters have raised a lot of money for muscular dystrophy. A fun fact: The firefighters have been raising funds since 1967 already for the same cause. Every year, we're trying a little bit. The total that we have raised up until now from that first time is almost $80,000. We're quite proud of that and we hope to do a good number again this year, so that we can have a good amount forwarded to Muscular Dystrophy Canada."