Around 100 bikes were auctioned off this past Saturday at the back of the Portage Fire Hall in support of the Manitoba Burn Fund.

Firefighter Curtis Rance with the Portage Fire Department says that the event went really well, with good weather and a fantastic turnout from the community.

"It's always exciting to see the kids come around. A lot of them stand with their favourite bike in hopes that their parents are able to win it in the auction," he continues. "We also get a lot of elderly people that are looking for bikes out at the cabin, so it's always nice to see people out and looking to buy themselves some new bikes."

Rance proudly notes that the auction raised $5200 for the Manitoba Burn Fund.

"They supply training equipment and treatment opportunities for people that have been burned. They supply training and equipment for nurses, doctors and the staff at the burn wards to use."

This was the 43rd time that the fire department has held a bike auction, and Rance says that he and the entire crew are proud to do what they can to give Portagers a new ride and fund the burn fund.