The Portage Curling Club's 75th edition of the Burnside Bonspiel has brought joy to many curlers in the local area. The three-day event saw many Portagers hit the ice and fun was had by all. Club President Dennis Burch is very happy with the turnout.

"It's during the afternoon, and the younger people are working. They just can't join us. So, it's mostly retired people," Burch explains. "We do have some younger farmers that are curling with us but for most of us, we're older retired people that just enjoy curling."

After a few year hiatus from the bonspiel, Garry Brown returned for the 75th anniversary and says his family has been curling in Portage for generations.

"My dad (Hareld) started, pretty much, when the club was first formed. He curled in it all his life. My grandfather (Roy) also curled in it in the 60s and the 70s," Brown continues. "I joined in the 70s and was part of the Board. I curled for quite a few years and came back a few times representing High Bluff in their bonspiel. My son (Andrew) has been in here a few times representing outside districts."

Brown adds events like these are a great way to meet some new people and potentially make new friends.

"I started in the 70s and haven't curled actively in about ten years but over that span, I've met an awful lot of people," Brown explains. "Some of them I've known over the years but there are always new people coming in. So, I've made a lot of friendships with the people in this club."

The club president has been involved in the sport since the late 1950s and notes it's great to still have bonspiels like this running to this day. He hopes they can keep this tradition going for another 75 years.