Tourism is becoming a major player in Portage la Prairie, and the City's doing its best to see that happen. Councillor Preston Meier says among issues related to the Strategic Plan, tourism, which is part of his portfolio is supporting Portage Regional Economic Development (PRED) which heavily is supported by tourism. 

"We have a great tourism coordinator and Kelly Verwey, does a heck of a job fulfilling what the mandate of that board is," notes Meier. "PRED is regional. It constitutes both the RM and the City, but for our portion of it, we've approved a multi-year funding arrangement. It really gives them sustainable funding to fulfill what those mandates are. In partnership with the RM, they now have a four-year funding agreement to be able to fulfill those duties. It's significant dollars."

Meier explains the substantial investment back is going back into our community for tourism and economic development. 

"The Strategic plan is not a one-day event. It's our entire plan for this Council term and we're starting to fulfill those commitments. A large part of it, of course, is that the budget that you put towards it, like anything, requires the funding in order to make things happen. We appreciate everybody that certainly has applied for, say, the storefront business grant. If anybody has any more questions in regards to the Infill Rebate Initiative, or even in regards to our PRED funding, we certainly ask you to reach out and can certainly explain it further."

He adds many great things have happened, council did some great work to fulfil the Strategic Plan, and as Mayor Sharilyn Knox says, "Stay tuned."