From September 8th to September 17th, Portage is joining the Canadian government's Welcome Week initiative, embracing newcomers and celebrating Canada's diverse culture. 

Cynthia Calderon, the Communications and Event Coordinator at the Portage Learning and Literacy Centre, shares the excitement about this event.  

“We want to show how Canada can be so rich and diverse.” Calderon says, “It’s important to share activities with the newcomers, families that arrive in Portage so they can start building friendships and connections.” 

First, they're inviting everyone to share their cultural traditions using the hashtag #WelcomimgWeek2023 on social media. Participants can post videos or photos reflecting their heritage, creating a colorful tapestry of Portage la Prairie's immigrant population. 

“This is an initiative for the government because they want to display rich in culture Canada is, so they want to share the world and share within our country that we live here, how diverse we are and reaching that we are.” 

The PLLC also takes this opportunity to highlight their programs. One of their favorites is the Senior Program, which introduces senior newcomers to the community through outings to places like the Fort la Reine Museum and baseball games in Winnipeg. It allows new Canadians to discover what Manitoba has to offer.  


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