Terrie Todd was recently surprised to find out her book, 'The Last Piece', released in late 2021, was the most circulated book in the Adult Fiction section of the Portage Regional Library in 2022.

Although definitely proud of the accomplishment, Todd is quick to put the praise on the people of Portage la Prairie and the surrounding area.

"It says far more about our supportive community than it says about me," says Todd. "Our library carries the best-selling books by all the big name authors and those get borrowed, too, of course, but for a local author's book to be at the top of that list, speaks of a community that supports one another."

Todd calls the book a "split time novel", saying it covers five different stories that can pieced together, like a puzzle. At the time of the book's release, a book signing was held at the local library, something she has done for each of her seven books. Todd says the library has always been very supportive of her throughout her writing career. 

"Oh man, I can't say enough good things about libraries in general, and ours, in particular," says Todd. "I read a quote the other day by a children's author. She calls herself Icona. She's from the UK, and she said, 'I love public libraries because they are built on the principle that books are so important and so necessary to human flourishing, that access to them cannot depend on your income.' Isn't that good? That's so true."

She adds, the library has been a great resource for her when she is researching her stories, as she writes what she calls, 'historical fiction'. She enjoys that people are taking out her books and spreading the word about them. She thanks everyone who borrowed her books and she hopes the community will continue to support her, and the library.

You can take a look at her bibliography here.