The Internationals Peace Garden has been reaching out to youth on both sides of the border to encourage young people to join their staff for the summer months.

CEO, Tim Chapman, says they've contacted schools, youth groups, and 4H clubs to share the wide variety of summer positions soon opening for students to apply.

"Manitoban [students] get out at the end of June and North Dakotans get out at the end of May and we're wanting to fill about 40 positions, on top of the few of us that work here year-round," explains Chapman.

"The last two years really made it challenging, especially with ArriveCan so we're doing a little more outreach to school districts, to 4H and to different youth groups more than we have in the past, just to remind folks that we're still here and that we have some really fun summer jobs that are really great to be a part of," he adds.

The horticulture crew is typically the largest crew as they are the ones who have their hands in the dirt, planting the thousands of young plants into the flower beds.  However, summer employment positions also include manning the entrance gate, working in the gift shop and cafe, mowing and pruning.

"It's a good variety of labor-type work, and then also visitor-services type work where youth are maybe a little more outgoing and want to be interacting with the visitors more than some of those positions."

Visit for more information on summer employment or volunteer opportunities at the International Peace Garden.