Before a PCI student was able to finish his final year in Senior Life Skills and move on to adult programming next year, he won a 'Yes I Can' award.  

Ben Greenslade was nominated by Portage Collegiate Institute Senior Life Skills Teacher Maria Metzlaff, and received the award.

"He's done really well with working on gaining skills so he can be a productive member of Portage la Prairie when he's done," says Metzlaff. "He delivers papers. He does jobs around the school, and he's involved in all sorts of things. Last Thursday (February 23) he won an award at the 'Yes I Can' award ceremonies, which is the Manitoba Council for Exceptional Children's award ceremony, and he won the 'Yes, I can' award for his transitioning to his adult programs." 

BenBen Greenslade

Greenslade uses a tablet to speak and responded, saying, "I'm very proud of my achievement." 

He notes he'd like to win more similar awards in the future. 

"I know it was very exciting for Ben and his family to go to the award ceremony," says Metzlaff. "There were a lot of people there who worked really hard on gaining their awards. When I talked to Ben's mom about nominating him for the award, she was very excited and I know that Ben was very proud to be there. His face was just lit up and so we know that it was an awesome experience for Ben. So, we're so proud of him."