There have been a few delays in the new Portage District General Hospital construction project due to cold weather, but work goes on while focus changes. Southern Health-Santé Sud Implementation Lead Kyle MacNair says the steel framework of all sections of the building will be finished in the next two months.

"Right now, the steel structures of the middle, main section of all of the first floor and second-floor penthouse are up," says MacNair. "Now we're working on finishing all the wings. And when the steel structures are up on all of the wings, then they'll be pouring the concrete for all the wings of the facility. Then they'll close it all in and start the long process of all the internal work in the buildings."

He notes this means that their focus is on the steel structures and concrete for the next sixty days.

"There is some interior work being done now, but really, once all that structure is up and the concrete's in, then most of the work will be on interior," continues MacNair. "A lot of the exterior work is going to wait until it's a little bit more 'springtime'; the exterior finishes, windows, and all those related things."

We asked the Implementation Lead if there were any major changes made, such as planning for an MRI as has been requested by many residents.  MacNair explained that there have been no major changes of that magnitude.


Fun facts were issued about the new build, and they include:

There is an average of 110 workers on site for this project each day!

Just under 20 million BTU’s of heat are being used to keep this project warm.