The Old Farmer's Almanac outlook for this year has arrived, thanks to Carol Connare, the editor for the almanac.

Connare notes that the outlook for Portage la Prairie and the area is looking wet in the near future.

"We're predicting for your area to have snow even through the end of April. We've predicted that you will have almost four inches more precipitation than normal for the month of April."

She added that while April may remain cool and wet, we should expect to see the warmth increase and the wet conditions dry up in May.

"May is going to be slightly cooler and dryer than normal, and then June is going to be right around normal, but probably a little bit dryer than usual. Your summer, we're calling for really hot temperatures in mid-July and August. It will be a tad dryer, it looks, by our predictions, than normal. But September and October, you're going to have what we've been calling a Summer hangover, and you'll be warm and dry for those fall starting months."

With the weather being unpredictable, Connare shared that they use different sciences to understand how the weather changes might affect farmers and ag producers in our area.

"We're not predicting a drought, we're just saying hotter and dryer," Connare explained. "If I was a farmer, and I was looking ahead, it's, 'We are getting some extra growing days in the fall that are warm and dry.' Maybe it's that second crop for the home gardener. It's a good year to think about getting that fall crop in, it's probably going to turn out really well for you."

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