As of 1 p.m. Monday, the 43rd provincial general election nominations were set in stone.

189 candidates will be on the ballot. 

In the Portage la Prairie riding, four people will be looking for your vote.

Arishya Aggarwal will represent the Green Party, Jeff Bereza is running for the PC's, Ralph Dooley will carry the banner for the Liberals and Acacia Weselake is running for the NDP. 

Provincially, here is the rundown of candidates:

  • The Green Party of Manitoba (GPM): 13 candidates
  • Keystone Party (KP): 5 candidates
  • Manitoba Liberal Party (MLP): 49 candidates.
  • New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP): 57 candidates
  • The Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba (PC): 57 candidates
  • Communist Party of Canada -- Manitoba (CPC-M): 5 candidates
  • Independent: 3 candidates

Advance voting runs for eight days, from Saturday, September 23, until Saturday, September 30. 

Other ridings in our area include Agassiz, which is the Gladstone, Neepawa, MacGregor, Carberry region. Four candidates are running here and they include Jodie Byram for the PC's, Richard Davies for the Liberals, Danica Wiggins for the NDP and Mark Wilson for the Keystone Party.

Lakeside is the Elie, Stonewall, Warren, and Teulon region and there will be three choices here. Trevor King (PC), Dan Rugg (NDP), and Neil Stewart (MLP).

The Midland Riding includes Carman and Elm Creek and three people have put their names forward here. The choices will be Hannah Drudge (NDP), Jim Kane (MLP), and Lauren Stone (PC),. 

Candidates’ names, electoral divisions and party affiliations are listed on Elections Manitoba’s website at

Election day is set for Tuesday October 3.

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