The Manitoba Wildlife Federation continues to advocate for Conservation Enforcement, through discussions with the Province. 

Conservation Officer recruitment and retention is just one issue the MWF is working on with the Provincial government.

Managing Director for the MWF, Carly Deacon, says the Province has allocated $300,000 towards curbing illegal hunting, specifically night hunting.  Steps taken include more helicopter surveillance and additional trucks and adding more 'boots on the ground' by hiring more enforcement officers. 

"They're looking at ways to keep enforcement officers in the Province but also make it a little more appealing for them to come and work for us," explains Deacon. "Salary increases is one thing that could be coming down the pipe here."  

"But there's a whole fleet of investments that the province has made.  They filed a new contract for more helicopter surveillance.  They've reinstalled spike belts, they've reinstalled check stops, they've provided 11 new undercover trucks for CO Officers, and that's just to name a few things."

"Some really great things to reward the great work our CO Officers do on the ground!"

Deacon says these measures have definitely reduced illegal hunting and fishing across Manitoba.  Sharing press releases of incidents of poaching and charges laid have also contributed to curbing illegal hunting and fishing.  The MWF receives these updates regularly from Conservation enforcement.

"More boots on the ground, helicopters in the air, and all the great tools they now have in their toolboxes is going to improve their efficiency for sure, but it's also the coffee shop talk that helps too.  It's knowing that the CO Officers are out there.  Its people talking about the fact that they're seeing them now, and word gets out and poaching will, and has, decreased due to that," she adds.