There may not be a lot of experience on the Municipality of Norfolk Treherne council, but there is a lot of enthusiasm.

Reeve Gilles Guertin says he served as a councillor for close to two years before stepping down. Three of the current councillors, Tom Isford, Shawn Jackson, and Ryan Gauthier are returning from the previous term. Jacee Frizzley, Gary Wilson, and Aaron Knibbs are new councillors.

"We may be a little bit green in terms of Council. However, we have an excellent team and we're all working together," says Guertin. "We find solutions and sometimes we agree to disagree, but we move things on."

Guertin says all councillors are bringing something to the table and everyone is contributing.

"Decisions are being made as a result of everybody's cooperation and a well thought out process," says Guertin. "We examined the issues and we're moving on. Things are being resolved."

He adds they are receiving fewer complaints from the community and they continue to work on issues like road maintenance, brown water and more.

Council meets the second Tuesday of every month.