A Centennial Cup Championship victory would be the perfect belated Mother's Day gift to this Collingwood Blues supporter.

Shellie Clarke travelled to Portage to see her son Sean compete as part of the Ontario Junior Hockey League's representative in the biggest tournament at the Junior A level. While she hopes the Blues can continue their winning ways, Clarke wants to see each player enjoy the experience of getting to travel across the country to play the game they love.

"This is the pinnacle of hockey for Canada at this level," mentions Clarke. "The boys are having the best time showcasing themselves and their teams. As a mom, you have to look at all of these players, appreciate their craft, what they do, and get to see them at this level."

On top of watching the competition play out, Clarke has been enjoying her time exploring Portage, as well. She says she's been made to feel at home at every store and restaurant she's been to, as well as the hotel where she's staying. She's glad that Portage has a mix of both local shops and larger businesses that she recognizes.

"When I first heard Portage la Prairie, I was like, 'Where is that?' I talked to my sister, who lives in Alberta, and she says she knows exactly where Portage is," explains Clarke. "I expected it to be quite a bit smaller than it is, but I really like it here. Everybody is very friendly and accommodating."

She hopes the Blues can continue their run of form as they are 2-0 and take on the Kam River Fighting Walleye on May 16th at 11:30.