The annual MJHL-SJHL showcase is an event created to promote players at the Junior 'A' level between the two provinces. MJHL commissioner Kevin Saurette says the event has been a way to get the players in front of scouts from major levels of hockey, including professional leagues.

"Number one, I think just being selected puts your name on the radar as being a top player in your individual league. To come into an event where you know it's going to be highly attended by scouts at all levels, every player has their own route, and where they want to advance to; That's something, as a league, that we promote." Saurette adds, "We've had a lot of success with NCAA advancement, Major Junior advancement, USports advancement, and with professional advancement."

Saurette says the event has been a combined effort between the two leagues over the last few years.

"I think this is the fourth year of the event. The first two or three years were in Saskatchewan, and then this is our second year in the MJHL hosting the event in Manitoba. Quite honestly, it's turned into a very marquee event. It's best-on-best, it involved the top players from the leagues, SJHL and the MJHL, and for scouts, it's really turned into an event that they have marked on their calendar every year, where they can fly in and watch the top 60 players from each league compete against each other."

The event has been marked by commitments to NCAA, USports and Major Junior advancements in the past, and Saurette believes it is a catalyst for many players reaching the next level of their hockey careers.

The showcase will begin at the Seven Oaks Sportsplex on January 30th, with puck drop on the first game a 12pm.