From "All Hits, All the Time" to "Best Songs, Best Variety", Mix 96 has been bringing classics and the best music of today to Portage la Prairie for 20 years.

On May 4, 2004, Mike Nagle and Leigh Ann Cameron teamed up as the original Mix 96 morning team and introduced the station with Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones. Sandra Dee and Devon Jones were also hosts when the station took to the air 20 years ago.

Former Mix 96 morning show host Travis Roberts says he was ecstatic to have his first opportunity to make it on-air ten years ago.

"It's crazy how quickly it's flown by thinking about how long I've been here at the station, which is about 13 years," notes Roberts. "When Mix launched, I was in high school. I still remember there were friends that I had who worked here at the station at the time part-time. And to be part of this 20 years later is impressive and I'm hopeful we can still be involved in the community."

The early days of Mix 96 played the biggest hits from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. In 2012, the format switched and newer songs started to make their way on the air. Mix didn't stop playing the classics, however, opting for the Best Songs, Best Variety.

Other notable hosts over the years include Diane Miller, Sherrie Wylie, Darrel Kaye, J.D. Francis, Gabrielle Ogilvie, Chris Kitchen, Cody Buhler, Scott Rintoul, Pearl Tymchuk, Stacey Lazor, Lindsey Knight, Randy Lilley, Dylan Donald, and today's Mix 96 morning show host, Carter Kennington.

From the entire team at Mix 96, we're glad to be a part of your morning every day, and we hope to stay that way for years to come.

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