Manitoba Beef and Forage Initiatives (MBFI) will be hosting a summer pasture tour Wednesday, August 30 at the Brookdale Research Farm near Brandon. The location is just north of Brandon on the corner of Highways 10 and 353.

President Ramona Blythe says researchers will be on hand to showcase some of the work that has been going on this year.

"Some of those things are the planned grazing and some of the drought effects, and shelter belts, and eco buffers, and soil health. There's a multitude of different things that they will be showcasing."

Blythe notes another focus will be perennial plants, and how they hold moisture, which is especially important in a dry year like this.

Those in attendance will also get to see what's happening with the new learning centre, which construction has just started on.

The cost is $25, with registration taking place at 9:30 am.

For more information, visit the MBFI website.