A single industrial permit accounts for the vast majority of the total permit values not only in March but throughout the year.

The City and Rural Municipality of Portage la Prairie released their combined building report, with 20 new permits approved throughout March.

In the Residential category, there was one new single permit and five repair permits worth $4,712,000. There were three repair permits issued for the Commercial category valued at $304,000.

The Industrial category holds the most value, with a single new permit worth $247,885,000 and a repair permit valued at $659,000.

Two permits worth $1,270,000 were approved in the Farm Buildings category when combined. Miscellaneous permits included four plumbing and a demolition permit, which don't carry value. There were two moving permits worth $4,000.

To date, 41 permits worth $272,406,000 have been approved. In 2023, 41 permits were also approved. However, there's a steep drop off in value, as those permits were only worth $13,288,000.

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