Saturday, June 1, is the Municipality of North Norfolk's Bull Bash. It's a fundraiser for the MacGregor Fire Department, MacGregor & District Kinettes, and the North Norfolk & District Ag Society. Zachary Dyck was involved as a bull rider for the first time last year. He outlines his start.

"I first got into it a few years ago. I moved in with my cousin and his whole family came from a history of bull riding. I went to Saskatchewan once with him and ever since then, I've got my membership at Heartland Bull Riding here in Manitoba. And then they asked me if I wanted to ride in the Bull Bash last year, just under the Novice Bull Riding. And I said yes. And that was the first time for me, so that was pretty exciting."

ZachZachary Dyck

He says he personally feels that he didn't do that well, but notes a person just has to go with bull riding, adding it's a definite thrill. 

"I went to a bull riding school in Grunthal last spring, and one of the guys that was in the school helps with Crossfire Bull riding. They had asked if I wanted to enter. Initially, I didn't think I was going to because I was only in first-year bull riding. I didn't really know how well I do, but I figured I'd do it, anyway, and it was definitely fun to be in the hometown crowd." 

Dyck says he wants to keep doing it and things are getting started up again in the next couple of weeks. He's submitted his name and was just notified that he's in.

For those who want to get into bull riding, Dyck recommends getting into a bull riding school. 

"I know there's one in Manitoba here and a couple in Saskatchewan, but that's probably the best way. Just practice, practice, practice. I did. It usually takes only a couple of days. Last year, it was three days, but this year they're doing just two. There's some schooling that they teach and then they get more hands-on. They put you on a couple of bulls and they have the different stock to kind of cater toward what you're used to, and some smaller bulls, and bigger bulls."