The Colour Fun Run and Walk is back in MacGregor, and it's shaping up to be another spectacular event for 2023. This vibrant celebration, organized by the Heartland Recreation Commission, is a family-friendly day of fun you won't want to miss. 

Last year, MacGregor introduced the event and it was an instant hit. Here's the scoop: Participants sign up for a 5.2-kilometer route through town. At various stations along the way, they're showered with colourful powdered paint. You can run, walk, or even bring your pets along.  

Safety is a top priority. While the coloured powder is safe, organizers recommend wearing sunglasses and a buff to avoid inhaling it. They've also designed the routes to be wheelchair accessible, so everyone can join in the fun. 

Last year's event was a diverse mix of people, from young to old, and even a lady walking her goat! So, if you're in MacGregor today, don't miss out on the Colour Fun Run. It's a day of colourful fun, unity, and unforgettable memories. Whether you're running, walking, or just watching, it's a fantastic way to be part of a vibrant community. 

Take a look at some photos from last year's event below!


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