If you have ever wanted to be a firefighter, MacGregor Fire Chief Chris Leckie wants to hear from you.

The MacGregor/North Norfolk Fire and Rescue squad is reaching out to see who might be interested, as they are always looking to strengthen their crew.

"On our roster right now, we have roughly 30 volunteers and we do have openings for around 4 firefighters," says Chief Leckie. "At the moment we're just looking to keep up with our standard."

Chief Leckie says they are looking for all sorts of people. He says training is provided by the department, with additional training available once they feel the volunteer is ready. Before that takes place, a person has to apply.

"Over 18 is required and then we work with you on the application process, which gets reviewed by senior fire department officials, and then we move on from there," says Chief Leckie. "If everything works out, then we start the process with the volunteer."

Commitment-wise, all firefighters do have other priorities, and the department will work around that. Chief Leckie says the more time you can put toward the team, the better.