Graduates of MacGregor Collegiate Institute from years past got the opportunity to go back and reminisce at the school's reunion over the Canada Day weekend.

Bruce Henry, a graduate from 50 years ago, says it felt good to be back, after only having visited a couple of times since graduating. He mentioned, that after getting the opportunity to spend some time with old friends, it felt like a return home.

"It's the friends, it's the people," Henry explains when asked what the highlight of the weekend was. "Some people I have not seen in years and to reacquaint with them and to reminisce. With teachers too. Malcolm Burt was one of my favorite teachers and he was here and we chatted and had a great time."

He adds they were all grateful for the turnout and just glad to be able to look back on the high school hi-jinx they got up to.

Melody Chambers, a graduate and also organizer of the event, says the school hadn't had a reunion in at least 20 years, so she was ecstatic when she got approached by the school asking her to set it up. She talks about what it means to her to have so many former students attend, as 106 people showed up.

Melody Chambers

"I have a lot of cake to cut here," explains Chambers. "It's just awesome getting in touch with them, having them all e-mail me and say they're coming, it was just so exciting to me to see all those names coming back to MacGregor and visiting with us."

Chambers mentions it was great to see how MCI had changed over the years and notes everyone looked like they were having a great time.