Homeowners will pay less on property taxes this year than they did in 2022.

The Portage la Prairie City Council has passed the By-Law which will reduce property taxes by a slight margin. Chair of the finance, legislative, and property committee Joe Masi says, for a residential property valued at $250,000, there would be a slight increase to the municipal tax of $45, but a decrease in school division tax to the tune of $79. This would equate to $34 saved.

“The first reading (at the previous council meeting) was to get the process going,” notes Masi. “Then, of course, we had our public meeting. After that, we are to have the second and third reading and it becomes finalized tonight. it gave the public a chance to comment on the plan.”

Masi adds he’s proud that the city staff has been able to find a way to provide a tax increase of just 1.96 per cent to property taxes when inflation has been causing prices to rise. Masi hopes the citizens of Portage la Prairie see the extra steps that were taken to ensure the best possible outcome from this new by-law.

“Council worked with administration throughout the budget process,” explains Masi. “I believe it started last year and worked all the way until tonight. Administration came forward with proposals and different alternatives and the council reviewed those. I have lots of compliments to the administration for bringing a modest tax increase of 1.96 per cent, in times when we are facing everybody's facing cost of seven, eight per cent.”

The 2023 tax payment deadline is July 31st. Homeowners can pay by cheque, by visiting City Hall, or by e-transfer.