Portage is gearing up for Lobster Fest, an event that brings the ocean's delicacy to the heart of the Prairies. The Portage Rotary Club is hosting this event, bringing a fresh lobster feast to the community.

The event is on November 18th at the MNP Building, with tickets priced at $100. The evening kicks off at 4:45 PM with cocktails, and dinner service starts at 6:00 PM, continuing until midnight, thanks to the hard work of 25 volunteers. The lobsters are flown in from Nova Scotia, ensuring freshness.

 Travis Foster with the Rotary says they are excited to bring this event back to the community, especially when the funds raised go directly back to it.

"One of our biggest pushes right now is we have the naming rights to the skate park over at Simplot Central Park, and so that is where the funds will be going is to help us get that paid for."

Special features include 50/50 tickets and a unique prize: Larry the Lobster, a 4-pound lobster ready to share with friends and family.

With limited tickets, the Portage la Prairie Rotary Club wants to remind you to secure your spot early by emailing portagelobsterfest@gmail.com.