With 365 days in a year, you have a .00274% chance of being born on any particular day. With leap years happening every four years, people have a .00068%  chance of being born on February 29th. The odds of sharing that birthday with a parent are even more astronomical, but that is the case for Howard and Mackenzie Knibbs.

Both have heard every joke you can imagine from people saying they only need to get them a gift every four years to people dividing their age by 4. If you do that for Howard, he is finally legal today as he celebrates his "18th." The pair always tries to spend part of their special day together, whether it is actually on the 29th or a non-leap year. Mackenzie adds that 8 years ago, things were even more unique.

"When I turned 16 in real years, he turned 16 in leap years. So it was kind of nice, I think I'm the only person that can say I had a sweet 16 with my dad. If I could change my birthday to a regular day,  I don't think I would at all. It's kind of fun"

Howard lives in Somerset and says it is not common to share a birthday with a daughter, especially on a rare day like the 29th. He adds it was very unexpected as well.

"She was an unexpected birthday present and that's dear to me. We hadn't thought about the 29th because she was about six weeks premature. She was not supposed to be born when she was born. I guess she couldn't wait to get out. I can't win a dime on a lottery, but we won this one. But we won the lottery a great many times with all of our kids."

Howard mentioned until Mackenzie was born, it was just another day to him but now they have fun with it. The school bus driver adds this year he is finally "18" so the celebration is on. Mackenzie, who makes her home in Notre Dame, says even when she was a young kid she was happy to share the day with her dad instead of having it all to herself.

"I thought it was great. What a great excuse to have an even bigger party."

Father and daughterIt is impossible to know, but our extensive math calculations and assumptions show there could be less than 10 father/daughter combinations like the Knibbs in Canada

Kailee-Rae Steiss of Portage was also a leap-year baby. The 24-year-old says she has also heard it all over the years. While she is happy to be able to celebrate the event on the actual day, she adds it can be just as good in non-leap years.

"Honestly, I'm a little selfish so I make my friends and family celebrate on the 28th and March 1st. I say you deserve it because there aren't that many people born on the 29th. Sometimes people do a double take when you tell them what day it is."

Kaillee-Rae"6" year old Kaillee Rae Steiss is hoping for a fairly quiet birthday this year with a nice family dinner.