The Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL) had a significant shakeup this winter when, out of the blue, five teams in the Alberta Junior Hockey League were announced to be defecting to the British Columbia Junior Hockey League (BCHL). This came on the heels of the BCHL leaving the CJHL, and Hockey Canada as a whole, due in part to their belief that the governing body did not properly promote the league as a viable opportunity to play hockey at both the college and professional level.

Jordan Murray joined the Cranbrook Bucks of the BCHL part way through the last season, and the former Portage Terrier says it was a great place to play.

"It was great. The league, obviously, had that transition, so it's a little different. The competition was great, the town was great. It kind of reminded me of playing here (in Portage), the whole community was backing the team, it was beautiful. We're right in the mountains, so there was nothing negative about being in that spot for sure."

He notes that with the teams from Alberta set to join the fray next season, it's going to change things, but it will be a good way to grow exposure for everyone.

"It's definitely great for the league. You're going to a different province; you get different fans. But the teams coming in are going to be great competition, you've got Brooks, you've got Spruce Grove, you got all those teams. It will be nice to travel for our team as well. It's not close, but it's closer than the travel we had before, so, I think it's going to be great for the league. Upping the competition and bringing in more teams and more eyes from more areas."

Murray finished the season combined between Portage and Cranbrook with 48 games played, adding 1 goal, 12 assists and 12 penalty minutes.

He was one of over 200 students who graduated from Portage Collegiate Institute on June 26. You can read more on that story below.