Though representing different realty offices, three local realtors are united in their deep knowledge of, and support for, Portage and Central Plains.

Rhonda Lodwick from Century 21 Foxx Realty, Warren Neufeld from Royal LePage Portage Realty, and Peter Bracken from RE/MAX Valleyview Realty agree that their strongest advantage is what aligns them – their roots in their home community.

“When you look at who invests in your child’s sports team, who donates to support Portage charities, and spends money in and around our region – at your business, or the business of your employer – that’s always going to be somebody who’s local,” shares Lodwick.

Neufeld adds, “Any business that’s out-of-market won’t even begin to know about local community supports, let alone how their contribution is vital to the overall success of our region.”

“Strangers from other communities certainly won’t be financially supporting our key organizations in any way,” reinforces Bracken. “Only true locals will do that – because we see, we know, we care – because we’re here.”

“When you’re in a community, that’s when you care deeply about that community,” emphasizes Lodwick. “Volunteering with organizations, investing right here, shopping in locally owned and operated businesses.”

Not only do local realtors support the community, but their knowledge of the community runs deep, so they can offer insight into real estate investment opportunities that those outside the region simply won’t have.

“Your local realtor has intimate knowledge of the areas. They know the schools, the businesses, the activities, the neighbourhoods, and often even some of the history of the homes!” reveals Lodwick.

Bracken agrees, “Local realtors know what houses may be coming to market in the near future, they’ll be more knowledgeable of the local businesses in the area, they’ll know how to get you connected with contacts for schools, daycares, healthcare, and pet care.”

“Being local, we’re ready and available to help from start to finish,” adds Neufeld. “A local realtor will walk you through the whole process and be there to help, because we’re always close by and can easily juggle schedules to make the showings happen when it works for you as a buyer or seller.”

All three realtors also give out their direct contact information so a buyer or seller won’t have to resort to paging someone, or waiting for an email to be answered.

“We know the markets well and have a solid knowledge of what’s been happening in the area; we know which industries are coming in, and we also know about local needs and possible business opportunities available here in our region,” shares Lodwick.

Because they’re authentically local, Lodwick, Neufeld, Bracken, and their teams are able to give sound advice on schools, neighbourhoods, jobs they may have seen posted, and contacts for local companies such as contractors, painters, plumbers, and electricians.

loads of exeperienceNot only do they know all the ins and out's of the community, they are constantly giving back to it as well in the form of time and donations