A local farm had a spud-tacular turnout after they decided to give away free potatoes to Carberry and the surrounding area this past Monday.  

Teal Adriaansen, daughter of the owner of Spud Plain Farms, says that the idea to put on an event like this came after they had a surplus of potatoes. She says this year's yields were very high, and plants only take so many potatoes.  

Adriaansen said they had over 500 people come out to grab some potatoes, noting that it took a lot of help to give them away.  

"We used our diggers and dug up potatoes and we filled truck boxes and put piles on the ground for people to pick them." 

She says the feedback was great that they even plan on holding an event like this for many years to come.  

"Everyone was thankful. It was very heartwarming to see. It was just a lot of smiles. A lot of happy people were picking up for their neighbours, filling their truck box and taking it back to the communities." 

Adriaansen noted that doing this giveaway made her realize that she takes what she and her family do for granted.  

"We always forget how interesting it is to the public since potatoes are specialized. So, it's cool to see how fascinated with the with the production that people are."

If you missed out on this opportunity, Portage has a potato give away this Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the Prairie Alliance Church parking lot. 

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