There is a new executive director for the Interlake Eastern Health Foundation.

Averill Stephenson's background is in community fundraising, having spent the last decade working with health charity organizations to increase community funding.

"I was really excited about this opportunity," says Stephenson. "I'm a Manitoba girl and I like being able to be involved directly in the Manitoba community, working with the incredible programs that are happening in the Interlake Eastern Health region to make lives better for people."

Stephenson is from Winnipeg but grew up in Petersfield. She plans to travel all over the region to meet with the people in each community to find out what the needs are.

"I'm really excited. Health is something that's universal. Everybody's impacted by it in one way or another," says Stephenson. "Everything that we do really goes to improve the health of the community, whether it's directly in hospital, or through programs in the community."

She adds there is always a shortage of funding and that's something she will look into, noting the people who are aware of the foundation, have been very generous. That's why there is a priority to raise awareness of who they are and what they do.

You can read more about the foundation here.