The Manitoba Government is investing in making Manitoba Parks friendlier to those who require mobility aid.

Environment, Climate, and Parks Minister Jeff Wharton and Families Minister Rochelle Squires, the minister responsible for accessibility, made the announcement that will see the province invest over $87,000 this year. The key addition for the majority of parks will include mobility mats, or mobi-mats for short, which will allow people in wheelchairs much greater accessibility.

"Our provincial parks are designed for all Manitobans and we continue to make investments to improve accessibility," notes Wharton. "We want all park visitors to be able to enjoy the great outdoors and mobility mats make it easier for people in wheelchairs, those who are using mobility aids, and parents with strollers to access the beach."

Mobi-mats will be implemented at multiple beaches throughout Manitoba, including Big Whiteshell in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Bakers Narrows Provincial Park, Hecla Provincial Park, and Wellman Lake in Duck Mountain Provincial Park. Wharton also mentions that a mobi-mat will be installed at Crescent Beach in Whiteshell Provincial Park as part of the repairs to the seawall which was damaged due to flooding.

"Addressing accessibility barriers and letting more people visit our wonderful beaches through the expansion of mobility mats is keeping with our government’s commitment to having all Manitobans, regardless of their abilities, be able to fully participate in society and be treated with dignity and respect," says Squires."

For the full press release from the government of Manitoba, click here.