Central Plains Cancer Services (CPCS) relies on its drivers to ensure cancer patients from anywhere in the Central Plains can make it to their appointments. This driver's been servicing the Treherne area for decades.

Marilyn Gates started driving for CPCS because, at the time, her sister-in-law was in charge of the service. 

"There's a need for it, and people always seem to be so appreciative of it," notes Gates. I also enjoy driving and trying to help people. If that's how I can do it, then that works for me."

Throughout her time driving with CPCS, she says she's never regretted saying yes to a drive, regardless of the situation. Driving patients from areas such as Treherne, St. Claude, or Holland to Winnipeg for cancer treatments and then getting them back home can be quite a task, but it's never been too much.

"I consider myself a pretty good driver," adds Gates. "I'm careful, and I've only had to cancel twice in all my years because of storms. Believe it or not, they were all in the last three weeks."

Gates says she has no plans to stop driving anytime soon and she hopes the CPCS stays in our area as long as it's needed.