Most businesses have done it. Many, more than once. They’ve made the $17,000 mistake.

Research has pegged the bottom line of a bad hire at $17,000,” says Bryden Devenny, a consultant with Homefield People & Strategy. “Now,” he adds, “if you’re missing that role – if it’s not filled for three months, six months – that number can go up very quickly, often into the six figures.”

Thankfully, there are proven, data-driven solutions to recruitment – and retention – conundrums. And over lunch on Wednesday, February 28 at Stride Place in Portage la Prairie, Devenny and Homefield People & Strategy will show area businesses how to drastically reduce those numbers and make better, smarter hiring decisions.

“We’ll be bringing together different business leaders from within the community to talk about how they’re hiring, what they’re objectively looking for, and whether this person or that is going to be great at their job,” Devenny says. “We’ll have a conversation about tips and tricks, and we’ll specifically talk about PXT Select, which is one of the most powerful tools in helping businesses make good hiring decisions.”

PXT Select, he explains, is a tool that crunches 13 scientifically validated assessments that produce actionable data for selecting the right people for the right roles – roles in which they’ll excel, and, just as importantly, which they’ll enjoy.

Starting as early as the interview process, PXT Select introduces businesses to questions they should be asking from the get-go, as well as data that can help point to internal promotions. It also reveals how a new hire can be best supported and how they’re likely to integrate with existing employees.

“I want to hear your stories of where businesses are struggling, where they’re not having success,” says Devenny. “Then I want to show how PXT can help in recruitment, retention, coaching, and team development.”

The PXT tool, he explains, can assist businesses of any size.

“Even if you’re a business with two or three people and you want to grow and add, for example, a store manager, with PXT Select you have models for objectively assessing against the position and then finding out which person will be a great fit,” he says. “It will look at a candidate’s traits, behaviours, and interests and will help the business understand if they’ll be good at their job. And it will give even more insight into whether the person will love their job.”

Styled “PXT Select: Lunch N’ Learn,” the February 28 event will begin at 11:30 a.m. with lunch and informal networking. Participants will be in a room full of other leaders of small and large businesses from in and around Portage la Prairie, and at 12:00 p.m. Devenny will address present hiring practices, successes, and struggles before introducing the PXT Select tool.

“PXT is one of the most powerful, objective tools we can put in front of a business,” Devenny says. “For one hour over lunch, I’ll show how you can drastically reduce that $17,000 and make better, smarter hiring decisions.”

The event is free, however you do need to register. Business leaders, managers, and hiring personnel can do that by registering online here for the PXT Select: Lunch N’ Learn.